27th Young Playwrights Festival

January 2 – 31, 2014

Festival Director Ilesa Duncan

Join us for the 27th festival of winning student-written plays exploring how things Aren’t What They Seem.

The Diner

by Lauren Trifunovich – Lincoln Park High School
directed by Ilesa Duncan (Producing Artistic Director)

Betty is a working single mother struggling to support her daughter. On this particular night, a mysterious man enters the diner as Betty, the only waitress working, is trying to close up.

Betty: Susan Myburgh
John: Carl Herzog
Ray: Jesse McCormick

Fears for Fairy Tales

by Clare McKiterrick  – Lane Tech High School
directed by Lavina Jadhwani

What if our favorite fairy tale characters are troubled and misunderstood? Welcome to the fairy tale support group.

Glinda: Susan Myburg
Pinocchio: Daniel Rosenstrauch
Hook: JJ McCormick
Wolf: Carl Herzog
Snow White: Celeste Cooper
Cop: Joy Valdez


by Alexus Williams – Whitney Young Magnet High School
directed by Rachel Edwards Harvith

Maya is a seventeen year old girl who is forced to spend time with her grandfather at his nursing home every weekend. The play explores her learning valuable lessons.

Maya: Celeste Cooper
Grandpa: JJ McCormick
Black: Carl Herzog
Lori: Joy Valdez