28th Young Playwrights Festival

Join us for 28th Festival of winning student-written plays exploring “Something Wicked Interferes.”

Dirty Spoons

by Taylor Vazquez – directed by Ilesa Duncan
Glenn, in an attempt to prove himself to his father, becomes a ‘cheftestant’ on ‘chefs off the street’ cooking show, but he soon discovers there’s something dark about cooking competitions and even stranger about his fellow chefs.

Dare to be Different

by Daisianee Minenger – directed by Juan Ramirez
Rico and Cornell are from opposing gangs but protect their bond of friendship despite the danger they face from within their worlds. Matters get further complicated when Cornell reveals a secret.

A Matter of Life (and Maybe Death)

by Deja Jenkins – directed by Ilesa Duncan
Iris is in the hospital recovering from a serious accident when she’s confronted by a mysterious stranger. The battle for her life ensues as she attempts to outwit this confessed servant of death.

A Day At The Office

by Steve Maloy – directed by Warner Crocker
Andrew is desperate to land Infini Corporation as a client to gain favor with his superiors. But will he need to sell his soul to the devil in order to succeed?

Tickets: $15–25

All Performances at:
1105 W. Chicago Avenue
(Chicago Dramatists)

Theatre Entrance on Aberdeen & May