Rutherford’s Travels Staged Reading

STAGED READINGS with Music | Adapted by David Barr, III and Ilesa Duncan | Directed by Ilesa Duncan | Music: Shawn Wallace | Choreography: Nicole Clarke-Springer

Friday, April 15 Open Rehearsal | Saturday, April 16 at 7:30pm Staged Reading | Sunday, April 17 at 3pm

Pegasus celebrates the 25th Anniversary of Dr. Charles Johnson’s National Book Award-winning novel Middle Passage with its adaptation to the stage! Join the adventure NOW for our spring workshop reading and discussions.

A spellbinding tale based told through Rutherford Calhoun’s 1830s log entries, the newly freed Illinois youth has migrated south to New Orleans seeking fortune. He soon stows away on an outbound rigger to escape debt and marriage. But The Republic isn’t just any ship. It’s a slaver and it’s headed to Africa!  Be a part of the development in an open rehearsal, a staged reading and discussions!

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Featuring: Rashaad Hall, Diana Coates, Amy Geist, Angelica Herndon, Gary Houston, Osiris Khephera, Luce Metrius, Jeff Meyer, Jonathan Nichols, Aaron Snook, André Teamer and musician Zahra Baker.

Tickets: Regular $12 | Students $10

April 16, 6:00PM Special Event:
Reception with Dr. Charles Johnson, Author of MIDDLE PASSAGE, National Book Award Winner & MacArthur Genius
Click for Event Tickets $25-$300* – Includes the 7:30PM Reading
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$25 – Stowaway – Reception, Staged Reading
$50 – Shipmate -Above plus Name in Program
$75 – Deckhand – Above plus Advanced ticket to Fall Production
$100 – Boatswain – Above plus guest at a rehearsal in October 2016
$300 – Captain  – Above plus Private Event with Johnson, stage adaptors and cast