The Frogs

April 26th–June 3rd

This Midwest Premiere musical to be staged in the swimming pool adjacent to Pegasus Players mainstage, is Burt Shevelove, Nathan Lane & Stephen Sondheim’s adaptation of Aristophanes’ original The Frogs. In Aristophanes’ version, the play is largely a debate between Aeschylus and Euripides, to determine which man is the greater artist. The winner of the contest will return to Earth with Dionysus to save civilization. In this version, the plot remains much the same, but the contest is now a debate between Shakespeare and Shaw.

Black Caesar

February 22nd-April 1st

This world premiere production of acclaimed Chicago Playwright David Barr’s Black Caesar is an African-American adaptation of the Orson Wells film classic Citizen Kane. Black Caesar chronicles the life of C.J. Caesar; a black newspaper mogul who builds a media empire through playing the ‘race card’ and exacerbating racial tensions. Upon Caesar’s death, reporter T. Darryl Heggans, is assigned the task of piecing together who the real CJ Caesar was. Black Caesar explores the lives of the African-American elite and how even among our most noble leaders power can corrupt.

21st Annual Young Playwrights Festival

January 4th-January 28th

Kid Kuisine
After being dumped by his girlfriend, Tammy, Charlie has contracted chicken pox, pink eye, and an ear infection, not to mention a strange coping mechanism to deal with his childhood problems. Among other things, Charlie has begun playing with toys, dressing in feet pajamas, and eating Kid Kuisine meals.

After falling for Leonora, a girl normally out of Thomas’ league, Thomas has completely changed his look and attitude, which has his friend Terrence trying to convince him that if he would open his eyes, the right girl for him has been in front of him all along.

In Your Dreams
Sparkle and Ebonie are two teenage girls with the usual problems, family, dating & school. Yet when the opportunity to follow their dreams arises, nothing will stand in their way. Follow their epic journey toward achieving their ultimate dream… meeting Bow Wow and Chris Brown.

Running Time: 2 hours 15 minutes with one intermission


by Nobel Laureate Derek Walcott. Directed by Jonathan Wilson
September 8th–October 22nd

Pantomime features an English hotel owner in Tobago who proposes that he and his Black handyman work up a satire on the Robinson Crusoe story with the hope of entertaining future guests. This fast-paced comedy delves into ideas of imperialism, prejudice and a master-and-servant relationship, where characters play parts that are not their own, causing hilarious mishaps and misunderstandings.